What is the Period Junction?

The Period Junction will be the first international conference on menstrual health in Bangalore on March 7th and 8th, 2020. We’ll be uniting the movers and shakers in the menstrual movement to share experiences, research findings, opinions, and initiatives surrounding menstruation. While large strides have been made in the field of menstrual awareness and education in India, it’s become clear we’re all working within our own bubbles. We believe that if individuals in the field have the ability to share their expertise, knowledge and experiences with one another, the substance of all of our work will increase in quality. Through this conference, it is our mission to create the groundwork for the movement to grow stronger as one. 

  • Nithin Sridhar

    Nithin Sridhar

  • Archana Tewary

    Archana Tewary

  • Meenakshi Giridhar

    Meenakshi Giridhar

  • Meenakshi Bharath

    Meenakshi Bharath

  • Dr. Pallavi Joshi

    Dr. Pallavi Joshi

  • Dr. Birupakshya Dixit

    Dr. Birupakshya Dixit

  • Rashmi Shetty

    Rashmi Shetty

  • Anusha Bharadwaj

    Anusha Bharadwaj

  • Geeta Bora

    Geeta Bora

  • Jema Lee

    Jema Lee

  • Arjun Unnikrishnan

    Arjun Unnikrishnan

  • Anitha Rao

    Anitha Rao

  • Sneha Shergill

    Sneha Shergill

  • Deepika Cariappa

    Deepika Cariappa

  • Dr. Aruna Muralidhar

    Dr. Aruna Muralidhar

  • Dr. Kaveri Kuttappa

    Dr. Kaveri Kuttappa

  • Naveen Bagalkot

    Naveen Bagalkot

  • Isha Panth

    Isha Panth

  • Pinky Chandra

    Pinky Chandra

  • Madhulika Acharya

    Madhulika Acharya

And more!
Eager to be a speaker or submit a research abstract?

  • Dr. Dayaprasad Kulkarni

    Dr. Dayaprasad Kulkarni

  • Autumn Eastman

    Autumn Eastman

  • Dr. Ilhaam Ashraf

    Dr. Ilhaam Ashraf

  • Sovan Das

    Sovan Das

  • Sneha


  • Sharanya Sreepad

    Sharanya Sreepad

  • Deepti Pujar

    Deepti Pujar

  • Lovepreet Singh

    Lovepreet Singh

  • Varshith Vanaparthy

    Varshith Vanaparthy

  • Nandini Pilli

    Nandini Pilli

  • Abhishek Ghosh

    Abhishek Ghosh

  • Ashwin Subash

    Ashwin Subash

What To Expect

The Period Junction

KVC Auditorium, Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bangalore, India

March 7th & 8th 2020

Rs. 1500
Rs. 750
Group of 5 Students
Rs. 5625
Group of 10 Students
Rs. 7500
Ticket includes entrance to both conference days (the 7th and the 8th), snacks, a meal, and access to all events
Virtual Participation
Access to a live-streaming of the conference sessions.
Get tickets via Account Transfer
  • Please transfer the amount directly to our Paytm Account or Bank Account details given below
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Accomodations Near by

  • KVC Auditorium at Veterinary College (Contact us at events@aarogyaseva.org)
  • National Bureau of Agricultural Insect (Contact us at events@aarogyaseva.org)

If chosen, the scholarship awardee will be granted full access to the two day conference event!
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